Coding Brains focuses on Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF), a presentation system to create visually appealing Windows apps for the large enterprise.

The Graphical User Interface is a vital element of any application. Our WPF App Development team helps build standalone and browser-hosted apps on the vector-based representation engine mainly supported by the graphics hardware.

Our Development team provides expertise in WPF App Development and WCF programming services for clients from diverse Business Verticals. We utilize features of WPF like desktop app development with features like 2D & 3D graphics, templates, XAML, control documents, layout, typography media, and much more.

Solutions for Clients

We offer you the best and the latest

Our expert team of professional WPF App Developers has hands-on experience in Technology and know better how to exploit it for diverse business procedures. Since it’s door opened, our sole purpose has been to deliver a tailored solution to its client pertaining to various Business verticals in the best possible way to be unrivaled in the marketplace in the long run.

Why Choose Us

Coding Brains

We act as a one-stop WPF App Development service provider, and we strive hard to offer scalable and a powerful solutions for your business.

Data Services

Sets of Data Services that are responsible for enabling app developers to manipulate data within applications.

Rich Smart Applications

Build rich smart desktop apps and separate UI from business logic.

Next-gen Apps

Windows Presentation Foundation is a next-gen presentation platform building aesthetically stunning windows app.

Preferred Platform

Animations, styles, content control management making WPF a preferred technology platform for application development.





At Coding Brains, we consider if it’s about to maintain a long term success in the arena of IT landscape, its dire need to be agile and active. In order to gain a competitive advantage, and as a leading Offshore Developer, we can achieve this feat when we provide customized solution to our valuable clients regardless of business verticals with proper support and continuous feedback.

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