At Coding Brains, we design and prototype products for inventors, entrepreneurs, and large companies.

Our flexible development procedure gives you the capability to develop innovative products with meaningful experience. Right from the scratch, development to designing, we have you covered at all stages.


We collaborate with companies & enterprises to develop and innovate amazing product ideas, focusing on technology and innovation. Our team offers the most comprehensive prototyping solutions that integrate functionality and aesthetics into award-winning products.

Requirement Elicitations

Our developers are experts at implementing prototype development best practices. We utilize proven methods to get high-quality requirements documentation. This procedure entails interaction with appropriate stakeholders to gather requirements, analysis, and creation of specifications that would be fed to the next stage of the lifecycle.

Analysis & Designs

The analysis is the procedure of brainstorming, developing and communicating new ideas. The quality of our product depends on the ability to analyze revolutionary ideas. We help you verify theories and their potential for real-world app. Our team enables you to understand technical viability whether your business idea is scalable or workable.

Solution Architecture

Considering the importance of analytics, our development team offers technology validation services and architecture prototyping. Our prototyping services deliver a quick way to check the proof of concept, evaluate against key scenarios, as well as check deployment restraints.

Risk Identification

Risk identification includes the procedure for identifying and analyzing potential risks that can impact project delivery. This step minimizes risk throughout the project as the pointers for risk identification can be utilized for effective risk analysis to reduce uncertainty. Our development team follows an iterative procedure that helps identify risks throughout the project duration.

Prototype Testing

Iteration is important to build great products and our team designs prototype until the idea turns into reality. Our developers use the iterative approach for designing user-centric interfaces with a meticulous examination of use cases right to testing activities in the user interface prototyping stage. Via prototype testing, we get user feedback before coding begins.


How our Development approach makes a difference.

In a Marketplace, marking Business presence is not an easy feat. Sometimes it takes years, but in those years how you put your valuable efforts for building trust with transparency that really matters. Once you make it happen, you can easily get the loyalty of clients for an expected ROI in the future.

1 Requirement Analysis 2 System Design 3 Development 4 Testing & Maintenance 5 Deployment
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Proof of Concept

Development of a proof of concept as well as assimilation of ideas. This prototype is utilized to confirm its viability.

Functional Prototypes

Our development team provides a functional prototype with a clear demonstration of product variability and desirability of the final version.

Alpha and Beta

We produce alpha units for fine-tuning in your development cycle and integrate improvements into a beta unit for refinement.

Interface Design

We offer prototypes to check functionalities and test the system with samples based on your scenarios. This approach helps in designing user-centric interfaces with a meticulous examination of use cases. We support you get a clear visual image of how the users will interact with the app.

Clickable Wireframe

We create sophisticated and interactive prototypes to offer a realistic view of the product. With clickable wireframes, you can review the vital features before rolling out the actual development.

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