Health Care


Coding Brains offers IT Solutions for the Health Care domain aimed at improving efficiencies and advancing quality of care with the ultimate focus of innovating for the future.

Just as Technology is touching every aspect of life, the Health Care domain isn't untouched as well. In the present scenario, with the effective utilization of customized Document Management software, a Medical practitioner can easily store and have the patient record in need. Additionally, a patient can make a communication with the Doctor in real-time via interactive applications.

At Coding Brains, we offer end-to-end app development services and help in driving transformation initiatives that connect medical providers to patient records and patients to practitioners for better care.

Custom Solutions

As per the Health Care requirement, we offer tailored IT Solutions.

Our customized solutions regarding Health Care enable us to build tech-driven hospitals to help you acquire new efficiencies, scale-up facilities and boost treatment to result in patient satisfaction. We exploit technologies such as mobile, cloud, AI, analytics, and the Internet of Things - to build critical platforms.


Patient Portal

Enables you to access vital information consisting of patient’s records, medications, and treatments.

Medical Billing

Medical Billing

Managing Patient Billing and save your precious hours from writing up and processing payments.



Help a patient to view his previous treatments and receive an alert that it’s time to check up via login to the portal.



It helps a user to send a prescription to the pharmacy.

Health Tracking

Mobile App for Health Tracking

Integration of third-party BLE powered devices.

Video Consultation

Video Consultation

Direct interaction with the doctor as per the session charge.

Hospital Management Software


Hospital Internal Task

The software solution helps doctors to manage and assign tasks to labs and nurses.


Hospital Inventory Management

It helps you to manage the necessary medical equipment and control stock of medicines at the hospital.


Hospital Equipment and Asset Tracking

It helps you to keep an eye on tracking medical equipment that the staff is using.


E-Medical Record Management

It helps you to treat and diagnose patients looking at their previous health data and paper records.

E-Health Record Management

Providing virtual health information management in the form of virtual health records.

Integration with Third-Party API/Software

Whether we talk about software or Application process integration, we are hands-on both of them.

Medical CRMs

Customer Relationship Management Software helps you to provide end-to-end support regarding diagnosis or treatment.

Payment Gateways

Integration of payment gateways at the website or application for fast payment processing.

Chat Tool Integration

Integrating the chat process for the easiest customer support for treatments and services.

Emerging Technology Solutions

Do you have an interesting project? Let's talk about that!