Before getting started, make your prospect familiar with your Business approach and the procedure you deliver the services right at his doorstep for strengthening trust in the relationship.

For any Business, Trust has always been a core factor if you really desire to maintain a profitable relationship with the client for long. And it happens at that point in time when you'll be transparent with him and make enable to see how we work on each project from scratch.

Client On-Boarding Process

Digital Wallet

Receive the Welcome Email

As you become part of the company, you’ll soon get an email with greetings from our account division.

Artificial Intelligence

Technical Project Manager Assigned

Ensures that all projects adhere to the required standards of budget, TimeLine, and scope.


Customer Happiness Manager Assigned

Arranges meetings, Handling complaints and queries to provide a happy environment for the customer.

Virtual Assistant

Send an Email to CEO If not Satisfied!

After fifteen days from the software deployment, we take your valuable feedback about the rendered service. If you are not satisfied, you can contact our CEO via email regarding software issues.

Work Flow

How long it takes to design a Website or Mobile Application? It solely up to you! Either you can take hours or days, but even then what about the quality assurance? At Coding Brains, we consider quality as a foremost concern and follow an agile methodology for project development. When this is place, the final product will easily fulfill all the necessary business requirements that a client generally expects from its investment and help you to strengthen the long-term relationship with him.


Tools Used

Do you have an interesting project? Let's talk about that!