Quality Assurance


Coding Brains is revamping Quality Assurance and Testing with a focus on developing intelligent procedures to promote business and technology change.

Designing and development of a product or application is not a big deal if you have a sound knowledge of programming languages and latest frameworks, but the question arises at that point in time when your project goes through and passes all stages of quality standards before the final deployment.

At Coding Brains, we combine the latest methodologies and technical expertise which is underscored by world-class tools to address the current testing issues.


Just tilt your head and look around, you can find the number of companies who are ready to outpace you. In such a scenario, you are required to be more agile when it comes to product delivery with rigorous testing and quality standard. Following this approach, our expert team follows the latest tools and smart approach for quality check.

Managed Quality Offerings

Our quality assurance system with a focus on cost and turnaround time to market for all phases from requirements via deployment. We keep an eye on all aspects from setting up a testing environment to utilizing proven test automation tools and frameworks aligned with an organization’s goal.

Enterprise Application Testing Offerings

We adopt world-class procedures and infuse intelligence into delivery due to which costs can be reduced and app reliability improved. Our quality improvement activities run across diverse delivery models.

Specialized Testing Offerings

Our Specialized Testing Offerings include non- functional testing, service-oriented architecture, and service virtualization. We provide a competitive advantage in the domain of performance testing, automation testing, mobile testing and testing for migrations to the cloud.

Our Work Approach

Shaping custom solutions with agile work methodology.

From a business perspective, Coding Brains understand how money matters when you seeking a desirable return from it. As a leading offshore developer, we not only design tailored products but to test them on defined quality measures to make them long lasting.

1 Brainstorming 2 Designing Custom Strategy 3 Environment For Testing 4 Report Analysis 5 Deployment
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Our Solutions

Business Drivers

Coding Brains

It takes teamwork and a solid commitment to good communication, excellence, and industry best practices to serve you in an excellent manner.


We support clients to keep pace with the latest technologies such as the internet of things and cloud.


Our development team is ready to combat business risks and deliver desirable results.


Our QA Analysts check the application as well as software to ensure there are no bugs.


The perfect balance between standardization and flexibility to develop QA.

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