Mobile App Development


It has been observed that, since Mobile Technology is picking up pace, a great part of online traffic coming from Smart Phones or similar trends which has been observed worldwide and businesses are trying to attract their prospects via a mobile application on their smart devices. If you look at it, in the present scenario, making a Mobile App is not a great deal, but at Coding Brains, we want it successful. That’s why we follow a proper procedure for development:

Development Process

With the continuous evolution in Mobile Technology, it becomes easy for people to communicate faster than before if we only talk about the usage of interactive applications. Businesses from a variety of industries are ready to take advantage of them to reach their target audience instantaneously.


step 1


In this initial phase, we collaborate with the clients and understand the basic requirement.

step 2

Technical Functional Requirements

After understanding the idea, we design the wireframe or blueprint. And see how functional aspects can relate to the proposed design.


Step 3

Sprint Planning

Our Development team determines product backlog items that they will work on and discuss the initial plan for project completion.

Step 4

Defining the Functionality

We design the Minimum Viable Product to get the initial experience of the client with the app so that our team could move with the development phase.


Step 5

App Development Phase

After the approval, the Development team initiates the project for application development.

Step 6

Testing Phase

Proper testing and Bug fixing of application if there are usability issues.


Step 7


Application is deployed at both iOS and Android platforms for diverse Smart Phone users.

Step 8

Beta Testing

For continuous improvement, we take internal reviews or feedback for UI/UX and functionality of App.


Step 9

Next Sprint

If the client is not satisfied and wants changes, our team collaborates again and designs the wireframe as per need.

Step 10

App Development Iterations

Our team initiates the project again with suggested features and functionalities.


Step 11

Testing Phase

Examine functionalities and removing bugs for a better User Experience.

Step 12

Deployment Sprint

The application is updated and ready to use on Android as well as iOS Platform.

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