Unquestionably, your product is worth buying and better than your close rival's, even though sales efforts will go in vain if you fail to leave an impression at the last.

If you deep dive into the IT landscape, the market is still untapped despite the fierce competition. Reason being, most of the companies follow a product-centric approach without putting themselves in customer's shoes in terms of price negotiation. At Coding Brains, we understand this scenario and offer the best solution within a client's budget.


Fixed Price

When to opt:

When you have the Functional Specification Document.

If You're seeking support, undoubtedly we are here for that! Even though if you've no idea about the level of support you're expecting, it becomes daunting to quote a price. Since its inception, Coding Brains formed, we've been transparent when it comes to defining the cost. Before initiating the project, we ask for functional specifications consisting of the requirements. Later on, we discuss them with our project coordinator and via proper analysis, we quote the fixed price.


Dedicated Developer

When to opt:

When you want service on Specific Project for Full Time.

At first, making do with the bespoke software was a common sight, if a solution is being utilized in one company, the same scenario can easily be experienced in other organizations as well with the same price. Additionally, the featured modules were not customized as per your business functions. Thankfully! it's not that now. With our Dedicated developer, you not only can customize your dream project but also hire him at a pretty cost-effective price that you've to pay monthly for the same.


Block of Hours

When to opt:

When You Approached Us For Smaller Tasks in Product Development.

You need a tailored solution! but still, confused about what features you want in it? If you look at it, such a scenario becomes challenging for both developer and client, because if a problem is not defined, a solution can't be placed the right way. No Worries! Joining hands with Coding Brains, you can get the real value of money. Each time when you need us, we'll provide you the hours that you can utilize for the support and pay for the same.We offer following Block of Hours Plan:

  • Plan One - 50 Hours
  • Plan Two - 100 Hours
  • Plan Three - 200 Hours
  • Plan Four - 500 Hours


Support Plan

When to opt:

When the Project is Completed and aims to make System Bugs free with Value addition.

Things are required to be maintained to make them long-lasting. At Coding Brains, we don't customize products but believe in continuous Maintenance and Support also. After the project deployment, it's needed to be maintained timely basis for making it bugs free. With our Support package, you can make it happen now for one year. Additionally, you can add value to the product by enhancing functionalities as well.



When to opt:

When you have no Functional Specification Documents.

If you're facing a slowdown right now, next time you may witness a boom as well. It's not necessary that the same scenario will be happened again. Likewise, as per the fluctuating business demand, your technical requirements vary from time-to-time that you want from us. Even though, at Coding Brains, we have a solution for that. If you are not ready for Functional specifications, you can choose our Hourly plan that helps you to pay on weekly basis with weekly reporting.

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Today business is fueled by information and technology all across the globe, and a company’s success often hinges on its ability to develop and maintain IT solutions that not only support business activities, but enhance them.

Our longstanding commitment to clients is to keep their company running at peak performance by tailoring our comprehensive suite of IT services and products to their specific business needs, while ensuring data and system security, all for an affordable, fixed monthly fee.

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