Coding Brains unlocks the mechanics of technology to deliver next-gen integrated IT Managed Offerings.

In this highly competitive world, Companies from industry-to-industry are employing best-in-technology and resources to be one step ahead of rivals, but sometimes it becomes difficult to pay heed on other processes that are less important than core operations. This is why outsourcing IT Operations is becoming the new normal.

At Coding Brains, we completely review all of your existing business systems to understand operations workflow, people and procedures. After analyzing liabilities and challenges in current procedures, our professional team helps you to discover possibilities that could maximize your efficiency.


At Coding Brains, our enterprise Managed Offerings are aimed at enabling scalability and agility of your business. By aligning IT operations with business procedures, we offer you technical expertise that helps in taking advantage of the digital world.

Managed CX Service

Coding Brains supports companies to navigate through the competitive landscape by improving business procedures, developing strategies and implementing new technologies. Our suite of managed CX services enables clients to offer exceptional customer experience with the right combination of people, procedures and technology.

IT Team Augmentation

Our IT team augmentation services enable you to exploit the experience of talented professionals without practically following the lengthy cycle of recruitment and selection. Coding Brains provides you with a dedicated team of senior developers and gives complete control over their work allotment and shift timings.

IT Maintenance and Support

Coding Brains delivers end-to-end IT Maintenance and support involving program development, e- records management, web hosting, legal and paralegal project management, mailroom support, data entry, and circulation control. Coding Brains aims to address your ongoing maintenance and support requirements via regular management of systems and networks that keep your PCs, servers and networks up and minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity.

Product Support and Maintenance

At Coding Brains, we define a set of conditions to gauge the App performance and measure its health status. With active monitoring of the app, all the concerns with respect to design, speed, and performance are addressed. We develop a piece of software that updates program and supports data to fix security breaches.

Product Infrastructure Management

With our Product Infrastructure management services, you can keep an eye on your infrastructure and its components consisting of servers, databases, applications, and storage devices from remote and global delivery sites.

Cloud Offerings

Coding Brains Cloud offerings to help customers exploit the power of the cloud as part of the overall business strategy. We help you narrow down on the top cloud technologies based on your business needs and chart out a roadmap to enhance your IT infrastructure, increase time-to-market and ultimately improve client experience.

Key Differentiators

In an IT landscape, marking your business position is not that easy, especially in such a scenario, when your competitors are in numbers. Even then, you can easily outpace them if your technology services make a difference among them.


Integrated Tools and Procedures


Managing Technology Lifecycle


Technology Assets Management


Continual Transformational Capabilities


Agility and Scalability


Providing Data Security

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