If you put energy and skill sets the right way, Achieving the unachievable becomes a norm, and you can easily see the number of people to follow you as a common sight.

A Job at Coding Brains is not just an offer but provides a way that leads to career growth. As a Prominent Techpreneur, we provide a platform for personal as well as professional development where Skilled and fresher candidates, both can get equal opportunity to learn something to excel in their area of expertise.

Interested Candidates can send an email at or contact HR Team at  +91-9005154824


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Collaborative Environment

Whether you are a Programmer or a Sales Analyst, we consider both of them as parts of our family who work together to solve complex business issues of clients from their end, in the best possible way.

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Defining A Career Growth

Only your efforts and dedication for work help to achieve success somewhere. Considering this notion, we create such a platform that not only makes you optimize your skills but a chance to move to the next level via them.


Awesome Benefits and Perks

Employees are not mere the business machine, but the building blocks who help you to lay a foundation for a successful venture. This is why we believe to keep them motivated via Awards and Recognition based on their hard work and performance.

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More Skills for Development

We believe that every person is unique and contains some skills, but from time to time they need to be polished and enhanced for personal as well as company’s growth. Keeping this in mind, we design various Training programs for active learning and implementation.

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Let You to Push Your Limits

As an agile Tech Giant, we think that easy work is not our cup of tea and prefer Multitasking for performing diverse business functions at the same time, supporting each professional to step out from their comfort zone and provide a chance to learn something innovative.


Feedback for Improvement

No one in this world is perfect in their area of expertise, even then you can touch the level of perfection with continuous improvement. That's why we provide proper feedback to our employees so that they could improve their performance.

Our Workplace

At Coding Brains, we respect and salute the collaborative efforts of each employee, who are helping it to become a leading Tech Service provider in the offshore market.

Join Us

Become a part of our team, and add wings to your career for exploring new highs in the IT landscape.

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Domain Expertise

At Coding Brains, we support each employee to grow and an opportunity to improve their skill sets in a specific area of expertise.

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Young Professionals

We also hire fresh graduates and talented youths who are dynamic and have an aim in their life to make a successful career in the Technology domain.


Recruitment Drives

To attract and place Marketing and Technology professionals at the company, we organize mega recruitment drives at colleges and institutes.