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As a leading Tech Service Provider, Coding Brains delivers Enterprise Content Management services for your content-driven business procedures across the enterprise.

Enterprise Content Management is nothing just a set of defined procedures, strategies, and techniques that enable and an organization to digitally obtain, store and deliver business-critical information to its workforce, partners and customers. As it effectively managed across the enterprise, content can be utilized to engage the prospective community and enhance collaboration via automating business functions.

At Coding Brains, our Enterprise Content Management services provide new value from previously unstructured and unavailable data.

Our Capabilities

At Coding Brains, we enable an organization to leverage customer information and company knowledge in its content. To enable an Enterprise Content Management service implementation, we provide advisory as well as consulting services to evaluate readiness and create a roadmap.

ECM Consulting

Offer Consulting assistance to choose Enterprise Content Management platforms taking into account your business requirements.

ECM Implementation

Implementation and system design as well as using agile methodology to ensure there are minimal risks.

ECM Integration

Integration of existing solutions with a wide range of systems to perfectly sync processes and information from systems.

ECM Migration

Migration services to manage both large and small volume migration of data for the transformation of processes.

ECM Customization

Customized support to meet specific needs. Our expert team uses different technologies to deliver tailored modules.

Area of Focus

From an Organizational perspective, each information is crucial whether it is related to your business strategies or planning somewhere. So sometimes it becomes a dire need to manage them. In this scenario, if you take support from our ECM System Solution, you can easily manage and access important information in just clicks away.

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