Energy Generation


Coding Brains provides Hi-end Technology solutions to the companies associated with the Energy Generation and helps them to manage and control all the necessary operations in the unit.

For satisfying energy requirements of the growing population, Energy companies around the world are finding innovative ways for energy exploration when it comes to producing more energy. So that it not only satisfy household needs but also for the smooth functioning of automobiles as well.

At Coding Brains, we offer software solutions for every energy generating industries so that they could have real-time access and visibility into inventory, logistics, surveillance, tracking, and operations.

Our Solutions

Our team of programmers is well aware of the evolving needs of customers from industry to industry and hands-on experience to satisfy them the right way. Our offered solutions are tailored as per client requirement and best-in-class in nature.

Energy Consumption

Energy Consumption Analysis

Usage Reports

Energy Usage Reports

Energy Control and Management

Energy Control and Management Offerings

Utilities development

Utilities development and Offerings

Supply Chain Solutions

Supply Chain Solutions

Enterprise Resource Planning

Enterprise Resource Planning


We Work With


Power Generation Companies

Power Generation

Solar Power Generation Companies

Geothermal and hydro

Geothermal and hydro companies

Oil and Gas Exploration

Oil and Gas Exploration Companies

Area of Focus

Coding Brains

We exploit the latest technologies and tools that could be best implemented for managing and control plant operations along with an eye on infrastructure assets.

Mobile Apps

Mobile Apps

Mobile App Development services help you to deliver real-time information along with monitor facilities.

Web-based Solution

Web-based Solution

Our dashboard-based solution supports operations staff to monitor real-time facilities.


Internet of Things

Designing the IoT Ecosystem for improving operations at the plant and streamlining processes.

Big Data Analytics

Big Data Analytics

Data Analytics services for managing plant operations and infrastructure assets.

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