Internet of Things

(I O T)

Coding Brains collaborates with both small as well as medium enterprises and helps them to explore a new path that goes to the connected world.

Businesses around the world can capitalize on our services pertaining to the Internet of Things and allied solutions to improve their operational performance with enhanced user experiences that help to create a digital environment via connecting people, procedures and data together.

Coding Brains offers consumer and enterprise Internet of Things apps to add wings to smart initiatives from the diverse industry verticals ranging from the home automation to the security to industrial IoT that can quickly accelerate business operations and evolve people’s lives in a digital environment.

Smart Cities

If it's about Offshore as well as the Indian market, Coding Brains is one of the leading Tech solutions providers for Smart Cities supporting rapid urban growth by accelerating the social economy and improving the quality of life for people exploiting the IoT Technology and increased the exposure of Smartphone. With the usage of IoT, it becomes possible to exploit accurate information about people and their behavior.

Home Automation

Coding Brains is not only a Technology company but also a house of several IoT professionals who satisfy clients with strong and time-tested Home Automation experience or complete control of their homes. As a prominent IoT Solution provider, we have the expertise to make the best utilization of smart home devices by designing an integrated IoT infrastructure that enables people for instant access to control all the smart devices at home.

Energy Monitoring

Coding Brains offers Energy Monitoring solutions and services to deliver energy and advance environmental sustainability. As a Tech Pioneer, We focus on providing industry-specific meter & sensor analytics solutions as well. In addition to this, our company is committed to designing solutions to provide companies with relevant data, smart insights and systems to drive energy sustainability and monitoring.

Entertainment Automation

As leading IT Company, Coding Brains delivers smart Entertainment Automation solutions with a single control of all entertainment stuff and devices regardless of any brand whether we talk about home theatre system, Television, projectors or audio devices. Our entertainment automation solution enables control of all devices from one single interface.

Infrastructure Automation

Coding Brains delivers Infrastructure Automation services with the objective of designing a connected ecosystem of cities and buildings whether it's residential or commercial. We utilize our professional expertise to evolve the security of IoT infrastructure and accelerate return on investment with the right IoT platform. Our automation solutions aim to resolve issues pertaining to cities as well such as traffic control, street lighting, congestion and much more.








  • What are samples of the IoT, Internet of things ?

What are samples of the IoT, Internet of things ?

Examples of objects which will fall under the scope of Internet of Things include connected security systems, thermostats, cars, electronic appliances, lights in household and commercial environments, alarm clocks, speaker systems, vending machines and more.



At Coding Brains, we consider if it’s about to maintain a long term success in the arena of IT landscape, its dire need to be agile and active. In order to gain a competitive advantage, and as a leading Offshore Developer, we can achieve this feat when we provide customized solution to our valuable clients regardless of business verticals with proper support and continuous feedback.

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