Unleash the potential of Information Technology and enjoy a return on investment, if it is completely personalized and suits your all Business systems.

Truly Speaking! We are not alone in the market. Every time, we found ourselves surrounded by rivals who are ready to move forward stepping on you. Even though, the prevailing scenario doesn't scare us, because we believe if you continuously help your clients to meet their business expectations with best-in-class technology, no one can steal them from you.

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Working Live in US Day Time

The time difference between India and the United States is the worst possible. With about 12 hours difference with Pacific Time, there is simply no reasonable time for you to talk to your working team in India. You are forced to communicate through email or through a dedicated person whose job is to be a conduit and live in two time zones at the same time. To overcome this problem Coding Brains, work live in US day time. Faster delivery and more agile development is our key to success. We believe that we can't succeed if it takes over 24 hours to receive an answer to any question, which usually only generates more questions.

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We Worked together for more than 100,000 Hours

Coding Brains has worked for more than 100,000 hours of development together with consulting and successfully delivered more than 2000 projects on different technologies and platforms on time and within budget. Our portfolio is an example of success and great work.


Where great Spoken and Written

English is a Skill Set

Our Management Team and Project Managers are some of the leading experts in their respective technologies along with the Great Spoken and Written English Communication Skills which is very important to clearly understand your requirements and communicate efficiently.

Where customer focus is

At the core of our business

We always search for a better way and recognize that there is always more than one best way. At Coding Brains, we support a fast-moving, agile company that grows on change, and we employ people who work best under these circumstances. For this reason, our clients get a flexible and scalable solution to retain control and visibility every step of the way. Because we tie our success as a business directly with the success of our clients, we acquire projects and systems we know we can deliver with absolute certainty and to the high level of quality, our clients have come to expect. In our regular customer feedbacks, our clients repeatedly say they trust Coding Brains to deliver—there is no better compliment.


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