Coding Brains delivers customized E-Commerce solutions for virtual businesses right from startups to enterprise-grade e-commerce stores.

With innovative web as well as mobile app solutions for E-Commerce, we utilize the latest technologies to offer omnichannel user experience that helps you expand your business reach. Apart from this, we assist you to optimize your virtual platform for high performance and increased traffic.

At Coding Brains, we collaborated with retailers, manufacturers or wholesalers to build e-commerce platforms to enhance the digital experience.

Shopping Cart Development

Secure Shopping Cart Development for a seamless shopping experience across smart devices.

B2B E-Commerce Solutions

Cutting-edge B2B E-Commerce Solutions to design an integrated feature-rich site for the Omnichannel experience.

Web Portal Development

Our Customized Web Portal Development Solution enhance your business productivity to the next level.

Omnichannel User Experience

Internet-enabled devices as well as connected mobile to enhance the customer experience across all smart devices and platforms.

Customer Loyalty

Solutions related to coupons and customer loyalty to lead a shift away from transaction-based systems to establish a connection with customers.

Emerging Technology Solutions

Digital Wallet

Digital Wallet

E-Commerce solutions to support additional capabilities with features like digital wallets.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

AI-powered tools provide a personalized experience by suggesting products that users are likely to buy.



Technology solutions to offer mobile deals when they step into the store via Beacon technology.

Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistant

Voice-activated assistants for engaging user experience.

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