If it's about Offshore as well as the Indian market, Coding Brains is one of the leading Tech solutions providers for Smart Cities supporting rapid urban growth by accelerating the social economy and improving the quality of life.

As a Top IT Solution provider, we design and develop infrastructure for Smart Cities and similar apps that help in developing strategies to improve future growth and create energy-efficient environments with safety standards. Our offered solutions and Apps support society to make the best usage of resources by improving the quality of life.

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  • Smart Lighting System.
  • Lighting Control System for Building.
  • Managing Power through Power Grid.


  • Managing Water Meter.
  • Control and Equipment Monitoring.
  • Efficient Solution reduces operational cost.
Safety & Security

Safety & Security

  • Streetlights on Pathways.
  • Security Monitoring from Remote place.
  • Continuous Video Surveillance.


  • Smart Technology for Vehicle Detection.
  • Smart Solution for Parking.
  • Parting Space Availability through GPS.
Transit Services

Transit Services

  • Transit and Intelligent Rail Solution.
  • Managing Traffic and Smart Roads.
  • Tracking Assets and Fleet Management.

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