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Coding Brains specializes in Meteor JS development, an open-source web framework written utilizing Node JS allowing for producing cross-platform code and rapid prototyping.

Basically, the Meteor JS framework is an open-source JavaScript framework created by Meteor Development Group and used for developing applications and rapid prototyping. Exploiting the benefits of the Meteor JS framework to lay the technological foundation for a successful business. It is made up of a collection of libraries and packages that help to make web development easier. Additionally, it provides features to build faster apps, easy to learn and has ample documentation to become the first choice for software developers.

Coding Brains uses the Meteor JS framework to develop scalable and secure web or mobile applications providing a seamless experience across all Smart devices. With the utilization of JavaScript in front-end, back-end and database protocols, we produce comprehensive and light- weight cross-platform applications.


We offer you the latest custom solutions in the following.

Our expert team of professional developers has hands-on experience in Meteor JS and know better how to exploit it for diverse business procedures. Since it’s door opened, our sole purpose has been to deliver a tailored solution to its client pertaining to various Business verticals in the best possible way to be unrivaled in the marketplace in the long run.

Why Choose Us

Coding Brains

Following a smart approach, Coding Brains helps its valuable clients to design and develop customized applications via Meteor JS and provides an opportunity to gain a competitive advantage in the long run.


Professional Meteor JS Programmers and developers to develop and manage your custom applications.


Building Business Applications for large as well as small enterprises with a focus on innovation.


Focus on building features with popular tools and frameworks.


Customized Meteor JS applications for multiple business verticals.



At Coding Brains, we consider if it’s about to maintain a long term success in the arena of IT landscape, its dire need to be agile and active. In order to gain a competitive advantage, and as a leading Offshore Developer, we can achieve this feat when we provide customized solution to our valuable clients regardless of business verticals with proper support and continuous feedback.

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