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Coding Brains exploits the strength of the new programming language named ‘Kotlin’ for Mobile application development.

Our Dedicated developers are proficient at working in an integrated development scenario of Android Studio. This open-source programming language is completely based on Java Virtual Machine and requires the installation of Kotlin Android Studio plugin. We believe to take your Kotlin App Development project a step up by creating the most of its glitch-free security from exceptions.

Our expert team of professionals provides custom Kotlin App development services with an aim to craft a seamless user experience across the Android/iOS platform to address a plethora of business challenges. With Kotlin mobile app development solution, we design and develop Android/iOS applications exploiting industry best coding practices and offer end-to-end solutions right from development, testing to code review.

Core Features

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Coding Brains

For an Ongoing success in a domain, you must consider the client first, and following this approach, our industry experts and programmers understand the business requirement to offer the desired solution within a given timeline.


Server Side Apps

We develop server-side apps utilizing kotlin which can be deployed to all the Java web app hosts.

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JavaScript Applications

Our dedicated developers utilizing Kotlin language build JavaScript apps with server/client-side architecture.

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Our dedicated developers code android/iOS applications that are verified by complier to check the correctness of programs.


High Performance

We develop high performing android/iOS applications utilizing this statically typed programming language Kotlin.



At Coding Brains, we consider if it’s about to maintain a long term success in the arena of IT landscape, its dire need to be agile and active. In order to gain a competitive advantage, and as a leading Offshore Developer, we can achieve this feat when we provide customized solution to our valuable clients regardless of business verticals with proper support and continuous feedback.

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