Coding Brains delivers Infrastructure Automation services with the objective of designing a connected ecosystem of cities and buildings whether it's residential or commercial.

We utilize our professional expertise to evolve the security of IoT infrastructure and accelerate return on investment with the right IoT platform. Our automation solutions aim to resolve issues pertaining to cities as well such as traffic control, street lighting, congestion and much more.

Our IT Infrastructure Management solution offers a range of strong and proven Infrastructure Automation services to deliver the best value for our client’s business. Apart from this, we help deploy and apply scalable solutions with centralized management of IoT applications and infrastructure.

What We Offer

Coding Brains

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Parking Solution

Our Smart Parking Solution helps you to find parking spaces and eliminating the need to search for parking spots. As a result, the issue of traffic congestion would be reduced in a better way.

Complete Control

Proper Monitoring

With the usage of sensors, it will be easy to eye on traffic on a real-time basis. It provides valuable on improving routes in the city for traffic and public safety.

Automating Lights

Automating Lights

Our Street light automation solution eliminates the need for human interference when it comes to managing lights remotely.

Automating Building

Automating Building

The building automation system is equipped with range extender for covering an area along with lights, fans, and sensors.



Adding value to the Transportation industry designing vehicles and manufacturing to insurance, logistics, and retail sales.

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