Coding Brains has been a renowned name in offering Apache Mahout Development solutions for designing rich and intelligent business apps easier and faster.

Mahout is an algorithm library for scalable machine learning, it is utilized for deriving meaningful patterns from the voluminous information stored on HDFS. At Coding Brains, we have a pool of professionals having expertise in Apache Mahout and proficiency in implementing Machine Learning algorithms.


We offer you the best and the latest.

We offer solutions related to Apache Mahout designed to make business intelligence apps. Our team specializes in developing scalable applications that meet user expectations. Focused on deriving smarter insights, we have expertise in Apache Mahout and proficiency in implementing Machine Learning algorithms.

Core Features

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Coding Brains

It takes teamwork and a solid commitment to good communication, excellence, and industry best practices to serve you in an excellent manner.


We offer complete support for building Mahout Extensions for any of the Big Data Services.


Our Big Data Professionals develops a custom algorithm that suits your requirements.


Utilizing the Machine Learning capability of Apache Mahout we strive hard to enhance future performance.

Grouping of Data

We utilize Map-Reduce enabled clustering implementations consisting of Canopy, fuzzy k- Means and Dirichlet for grouping of data.



At Coding Brains, we consider if it’s about to maintain a long term success in the arena of IT landscape, its dire need to be agile and active. In order to gain a competitive advantage, and as a leading Offshore Developer, we can achieve this feat when we provide customized solution to our valuable clients regardless of business verticals with proper support and continuous feedback.

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